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Edmund S. Greenslet

About the Publisher

Edmund S. Greenslet

After spending 23 years as a security analyst following the airline and aerospace industries for several firms on Wall Street, Mr. Greenslet retired from Merrill Lynch

Mr. Greenslet has contributed numerous articles to industry publications and is a regular speaker at industry forums.

Mr. Greenslet's client list includes aerospace companies, governmental authorities and domestic and foreign financial institutions for which he provides strategic planning advice, industry studies and financial analysis. In addition, he has been used as an expert witness by a broad array of clients.

to set up his own company, ESG Aviation Services, to publish The Airline Monitor. In addition, Mr. Greenslet was a founder of Airline Capital Associates.

He is widely regarded as the pre-eminent independent airline industry forecaster. His clients find his work to be an indispensable supplement to the output provided by other security analysts, aircraft appraisers and the mainframe manufacturers. His forecasts are used by the U.S. Department of Transportation, among others.


Mr. Greenslet is a Chartered Financial Analyst and a member of the A.I.A.A., the Airline Analysts Society, and the Society of Aerospace Analysts. He has been a member of Institutional Investor magazine's " All American Research Team," having been named to it twelve times for his airline work and five times for aerospace work.

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